Summer 2019

As I start to write the summer newsletter for this year it’s hard to know where to start, sure with had business type hitches like any business I guess, but largely it’s been an amazing period with great events, parties, weddings there are some pics from the last couple of months for your perusal.

The garden is still thriving, and I’ve produced 80% of our peppers, onions and tomatoes through the summer as long as our other faves like the courgette for the dolce latte special we do.

We’re still trying to offer specials that are authentic, seasonal or just down right tasty, the Moroccan flatbread sent you guys crazy and I’ve still have one more summery treat flatbread this week to show off and it’s 100% from my garden.

The weather not quite like last year but only a couple of events hampered by it and as an outdoor caterer that ain’t bad.

We’ve changed the website thanks to mike at Jabu designs, it’s cleaner more content and hopefully reflects what we do.

We’ve recruited more staff(well roped in more daughters friends) but their promising pizzaiolos.

The day I can’t write these updates and feel bursting with all that’s happened and excited to talk about is the day I give up my pizza dream, as I know now it’s not a cliche to say “find a job you love and never work a day in your life”, the passion is still there growing if anything and I must get on as there is more people who need a sour dough fix, and thanks for reading🍕👍😉

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