Spring is springing 2017???

Well we’ve survived another winter here at mobile pizza co HQ, in fact it’s been a great start to the year with weddings booked from our recent wedding fayre, all our usual favourite events booked again for the year, repeat private events, new pop ups, new pub locations, new event locations and our usual spots continuing to do well and it’s time for me to say thanks once again I really mean it every pizza, every booking means a lot to a small business like mine, on one sad note Koren is joining a working uni course at Anglia Ruskin studying child nursing, so won’t be around so often☹️As her dad I wish her well on her career she is an asset in any environment and I mean that too, as her colleague at the pizza unit I am so sad and will miss her terribly on the plus side she’s staying at home throughout her training so I can still annoy her?

There will be a new lad called Will helping out at bury moving forward on Saturday’s events will still be mixed.

As always I seem to update Facebook more than the site itself so check there too, there has all ready been some real good stuff this year which I put on there, the first wedding of the year is this weekend,exciting times here at the mobile pizza co

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