Autumn 2017

As my garden fills with leaves and the air is turning a bit more chilly I sit and try to condense the last few months since the summer news update and I know I always say this, I don’t know where to start.

I have noticed customers creeping closer to the fire in the last few days not like the crazy summer events where people felt sorry for me near the heat. I’m getting my own back from now til March heat-wise? and the new awning with indoor seating allow’s for this even more, the second oven has been great and almost fully booked too!.

I am still constantly changing the menu whilst not changing the usual faves???

The specials as I type this are the vege option of pumpkin, squash both roasted with cumin and curry powder served on the pizza with feta, almonds, fresh basil and basil oil, and the meat option is honey roast sausage with sautéed onion.

The events have ranged from intimate garden parties right through to our largest so far of 250 covers, corporate events are increasing, thanks to those at Marlows recently.

Our pop ups are still good and remain in the heart of street food In my opinion in the sense that people are only there for the mobile pizza co( no captive audience) so I guess these are the biggest indicator of my success and I know from how many other new mobile pizzas I’m seeing all the time that pizzas and woodfired are very envogue but my aim is and always has been to serve the best woodfired pizzas time and time again , I recall writing this whilst I was just setting out and it is truer now than ever, The love and time I have for my business is endless and I could only do this with Koren my daughter, Shayla my daughter and my wife Donna whom most of you will know from helping me, it’s now three years since I left my full time employment and chased my pizzaiolo dream and become “ the pizza man” and it’s been the happiest in my career I’ve ever been and I thank each and everyone who in some way helped me with my business.

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