Autumn/Winter 2018

I would like to start initially with thanking anyone who has supported us since I wrote the summer news update, firstly obviously customers, staff, family, friends, event organisers, pubs, suppliers and of course our beloved ovens for soldiering for another busy season, with minimal stuff going wrong this year, hope I haven’t spoke too soon, however through our growth we have been able to form a better maintenance structure for our ovens and kit, we just installed a new hitch on the big oven trailer, sad as it is I get excited over these things not just our wood fired goodies???

To say we have a main area where we’re working isn’t quite right, as since the last update the bookings have been so varied although the diary has been studded throughout the year with our now 4th year regular faves like this weekends bury Xmas market.

We have cooked in back gardens, amazing wedding grounds, the street, raf sites, low key wedding grounds, town centres, fields, show grounds, front gardens, pubs, museums, hospitals, universities, leisure centres, village halls and I know forgot some!!, but you can see there’s no where we can’t and won’t cook the best wood fired pizzas time and time again.

I popped a few photos with this news update, I don’t take many pictures at my pop ups so I’m going to start this more as it is an important part of my business just as single yearly events.

We now are keeping a good supply of starter mix so have been offering sourdough more, which has proven really popular, the feedback has been just as crunchy in the crust but a bit more chewey too, sounds big headed but we know it’s good, the flatbreads without passata have also gone down well.

We are keeping it seasonal where we can as always, Xmas pizzas from now til the day when  ? comes,  again thanks all for your support and please keep on eye where we are on the website from now til Xmas.???

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