Summer 2018

Hot, hot, hot, has been the theme for us all I think a little more so if your working a wood fired oven too!.

What a summer it’s been, first off the weather, in the four years I have run this business it’s been the best, I’ve had my legs out more than a postman?

The amount I’m still learning is untrue I know you never stop learning and adapting but working for yourself makes you really understand this and need it to evolve and even survive in a business sense.

The two ovens have literally been booked solid over the whole summer and we’re booked to Xmas with a few dates spare here and there if anyone is needing us.

The work has been varied, pop ups are still our modis operandi, the work has included corporate events, village fetes, festivals, weddings,7th,16th, 21st, 30th,40th and 50th birthdays, christening, leaving party, works party, pop ups, pub visits and poss some others that blurred away!, on a sadder note we were even offered a funeral for a little girl, unfortunately we were all ready booked but were still honored and proud, the hardest thing to believe is a competitor cancelled the booking the day before, which incidentally we filled two other short notice bookings this summer where other traders cancelled on them it’s a shame we couldn’t help the girls family of the little girl on that occasion.

That said the bulk of our work is a happy environment and it’s sure to be said this summer has been the mobile pizza co’s best yet.

I have attached a few pics from the last couple of months, they’ll be more to come the tomatoes in my garden are all coming off lovely and have done many specials from the veg in the garden in fact the last 8 to 10 weeks have provided most veg I use on the stall.

The squash and pumpkin are nearly fine ready for the October special as it’s always so popular.

Again I need to thank a few people, in no order!, Wife, Koren, Roy, Dan, Tracy, Christine, Bev, my children, Mark, Paul Squirell, suppliers , other traders , friends, all of these people in some way help me from supplying places to work to helping me with trailer when I broke something else?

Whilst I’m a sole trader, I’d be stuffed without these people and of course thank you to customers, you are only as good as your last job, I take every job so seriously and now know my hard work and dedication is paying off, watch this space for more news???

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