How it all began…

Clinton - Proprietor of The Mobile Pizza Company

Having worked in the food industry as supplier to the food industry for a number of years I often asked myself how much happier I could be running my own business in food and being at the sharp end of the business, or in this case the hot end!

On one rainy Sunday lunchtime, I was tasked with making the Sunday lunch for all the family.  I stared out into the garden at the BBQ and pizza oven my son and I had lovingly built in the garden two summers before, but hadn’t ever used, so decided we were having home-made pizza for lunch!

The whole family laughed, as the weather was far from ideal – much to my wife’s dismay – but the oven worked! We had a great time together with friends; the pizza’s tasted great and it was one of the best Sunday meal experiences we had ever had; the thought of the traditional Sunday dinner was far from our minds and it’s a day I will never forget! Wood fired pizzas really do have a beautiful taste of their own. It was at that moment, combined with my love of outdoor eating that the dream of starting a mobile pizza business was born!  All I needed was an avenue to offer the same lovely rustic pizzas we enjoyed on that Sunday and where better then street markets, weddings,food fairs, pop ups and the like.

The very next week ‘The Mobile Pizza Co’ was created (and much hardwork, and countless other stuff behind the scenes, thanks to wife and family😉)and I’ve enjoyed the outdoor pizza life ever since! The Mobile Pizza Co attends lots of different events; corporate, private parties and markets and most of our business comes from people who’ve tasted our pizza’s and booked us for their own private or business functions.

For me, the real fun part of this business is meeting people and cooking food that people really enjoy but also staying in keeping with current food and pizza trends.

Happy eating!